The First Post

Make the leap

For me, new beginnings are always a rush of excitement and anxiety. Starting this blog is no different.

The idea for this blog sprung from a conversation between Mahina and myself. She was frustrated by the writing of someone else that she felt was a misrepresentation of healthy non-monogamy.

“You should start a blog!”

“How about this…YOU start a blog and I can guest on it.”

“Challenge accepted.”

That’s summarizing our conversation – but it’s pretty close! I liked the idea of a blog that more than just my writing. Something that shared the stories and experiences of other people: Mahina’s journey with non-monogamy being one example.

We met up on a Friday evening and started brainstorming ideas for a blog name, post ideas, and people who would be interesting to talk to. After much searching of Pinterest for inspiration and throwing names back and forth we decided on Wholehearted Living. The name is inspired by Brené Brown’s work on the relationship between vulnerability and courage, and living a wholehearted life.

My hope for this blog is that it’s a space for sharing people’s experiences and stories in a way that is authentic and resonates with others.

The first story we’ll be sharing is Mahina’s experience with non-monogamy. ❤